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Meet Mochi!

Mochi is a hypo melanistic leopard
gecko who enjoys a good balance of time with his humans and being alone in his humid hide, or exploring his tank. His favorite snack is wax worms, but he also loves small dubia and meal worms. Mochi is available immediately for an adoption fee of $50. We have turn-key services available for his environmental needs.
Big Ben

Big Ben is a 5 - 6 month old central beardie. He is fast and healthy, but change is scary for him so he his new home will require a setting with patience. He loves dubias and meal worms, collards, mustard greens, yellow pepper, sugar snap peas, carrots, squash and blueberries. His favorite past-times include window watching and climbing. Big Ben will be ready to adopt on November 12th, 2023. His adoption fee is $60 and we offer turnkey services to help in setting up his environment. 
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